Lake Harrisonville


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Fishing at Lake Harrisonville

Register to fish at Lake Harrisonville at City Hall, during regular business hours, after Presidents Day of each year. Call (816) 380-8900 for more information.

Any Cass County resident, 16 years or older, may register to fish on Lake Harrisonville when they also provide a current State of Missouri fishing license and proof that they (or their parents, if they are under 18) have paid personal property taxes in Cass County.

Costs are $2 per person for Harrisonville residents and $5 per person for Cass County taxpayers. Tax payers who are over 65 years of age are free but will still need to register to fish.

You are allowed up to two guests per day. Each guest must have their driver’s license and current State of Missouri fishing license and pay $1 to the lake caretaker. Only non-Cass County residents are considered guests; all county residents must register at City Hall in order to fish on Lake Harrisonville.

Boating on Lake Harrisonville

Boats must also be registered before they can be used on Lake Harrisonville. Boat stickers are available at City Hall during regular business hours after Presidents Day of each year. Call 816.380.8900 for more information.

Owners will need to provide the same items as needed for a fishing sticker and must also present a current state of Missouri boat registration or current Missouri watercraft certificate. Boat titles are not acceptable.

The charges are as follows:

  • City of Harrisonville - $7.50
  • Cass County taxpayers - $10

Only Cass County residents can register a boat for use on the lake. Visitors’ boats or unregistered boats are not allowed.

Duck blinds on Lake Harrisonville

Drawings are held each year at the Harrisonville Community Center for the right to use duck blinds on Lake Harrisonville. For complete information, please contact Amy Fuller at the Harrisonville Community Center at 816.380.8980, ext. 5999.

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